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Strawberry Mousse Cake

Unicorn Birthday Cake

A Unicorn-themed Strawberry mousse birthday cake.

Ref#: 2020-050

Flowing Flowers Strawberry Birthday Cake

A strawberry mousse birthday cake with flowing flowers.

Ref #: 2020-046

Cinderella and Rapunzel Disney Princess Birthday Cake

A 2nd-year birthday cake for a young lady, with a Disney princess theme!

This was made with our strawberry mousse flavor.

Ref #: 2020-024

Disney Princess Birthday Cake

A Disney Princess-themed strawberry mousse cake for a 4-year old’s birthday.

Ref #: 2020-009


Stacked “Naked” Strawberry Cake

A two-tier “naked” strawberry cake!

Ref #: 2019017

Unicorn Birthday Cake

A Unicorn-themed cake, made with our strawberry mousse flavor!

Ref #: 2019012

Little Mermaid Birthday Cake

A “Little-Mermaid”-Themed Birthday Cake!

Inside, the cake is our Strawberry Mousse flavor.

Ref: #2019004

PJ Mask Strawberry Birthday Cake

A PJ Mask-Themed Strawberry-Flavored Birthday Cake!

Ref: #2019003

Ladybug Theme 1st Birthday Cake

A “red and black” birthday cake for a little lady bug completing their first year!

The bottom tier was strawberry mousse and the top tier was double chocolate.

Ref: #2017101

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