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Raspberry White Chocolate Cake

Raspberry Sweet 16 Birthday Cake

A raspberry white chocolate cake made to celebrate a young lady turning 16 years old!

Ref #: 2017052

Two Tier Anniversary Cake, Summer 2017

A two-tier Anniversary Cake!

A classic pairing of two of our best flavor combinations: the bottom tier was raspberry white chocolate, and the top tier was our triple chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2017043

Raspberry Cream Wedding Cake

Ref #: 2017031

Raspberry White Chocolate Birthday Cake

Made with one of our signature combinations:

Raspberry Compote and Creamy White Chocolate!

Ref #: 2017022

Sheep-themed Baby Shower cake

Two-tier baby shower cake. Top tier was coconut cream, and the bottom tier was

raspberry white chocolate.


Two-Tier Bridal Shower Cake

Our signature Pistachio White Chocolate cake for the bottom tier,

and Raspberry White Chocolate for the top tier.

8-29-16 (3)

University of Maryland Graduation Cake

A recent high school graduate enrolling at the University of Maryland in College Park!

Raspberry White Chocolate in the bottom tier, and Mango Mousse in the top tier.


“Black and White”-themed Wedding Cake

Need a cake in a hurry? We’ve got you covered. We helped a family who dropped in for a last-minute wedding cake by providing them with a decorated raspberry white chocolate cake in less than 30 minutes!


Welcome to Baby Cake, July 2015

Our signature raspberry-white chocolate cake, made to
welcome the (new) grandson of our dear friends!


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