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Pistachio White Chocolate Cake

Fortnite 12th Birthday Cake

A pistachio white chocolate cake themed with the popular Fortnite video game, made for a 12-year old boy’s birthday.

Ref #: 2020-048

Unicorn-Themed 2nd Birthday Cake

A Unicorn-themed birthday cake for a 2-year old,

made with our Pistachio White Chocolate flavor

Ref #: 2020-037

7406 -- Unicorn birthday cake for 2 year old. Pistachio white chocolate cake 2020-037

Baby-Shark and Oceam-Themed 4th Birthday Cake

A Baby-Shark and Oceam-Themed Pistachio White Chocolate birthday cake

for a 4-year old boy!

Ref #: 2020-034

Ocean theamed pistachio white chocolate cake for 4 year old boy 2020-034

Elsa From Frozen Dress Cake

A birthday cake for a big fan of Elsa, from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen” !

Elsa’s cake is made with our signature pistachio white chocolate cake.

Ref#: 2020-028

Champagne-Themed Wedding Cake

This two-tier champagne-themed wedding cake has three flavors. The bottom tier is our signature pistachio white chocolate flavor (bottom part of stack) and strawberry white chocolate (top part of stack), and the top tier is our mango mousse cake!

Ref#: 2020-023

Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

This Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday cake, made for a young man’s birthday, was made with our signature Pistachio White Chocolate flavor combination!

Ref #: 2020-022

Fall-Themed Thanksgiving Cake

A Fall-themed Pistachio White Chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2020-020

Spider-Man Boy’s Birthday Cake

A Spider-Man Themed Birthday Cake for a 5-year old boy.

The cake was our signature Pistachio White Chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2020-004

Silver And Blue Wedding Cake

An elegant three-tier stacked wedding cake!

The three tiers were pistachio white chocolate, marble (chocolate and vanilla swirl) mousse, and lemon vanilla cream.

Ref #: 2020-002

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