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Wedding Cakes

Rustic Two-Tier Wedding Cake

A rustic-styled two-tier wedding cake.

The bottom tier was our signature pistachio white chocolate cake and the top tier was our marble (vanilla with chocolate swirls) cake.

Ref #: 2020-058

Rustic Wedding Cake With Fresh Flowers

A beautiful, customized wedding cake for a couple on their big day!

The bottom tier was white chocolate truffle cake, while the top tier was a gluten free “black and white” cake. And it was all done with white butter cream. Congratulations!

Ref #: 2020-042

Champagne-Themed Wedding Cake

This two-tier champagne-themed wedding cake has three flavors. The bottom tier is our signature pistachio white chocolate flavor (bottom part of stack) and strawberry white chocolate (top part of stack), and the top tier is our mango mousse cake!

Ref#: 2020-023

Silver And Blue Wedding Cake

An elegant three-tier stacked wedding cake!

The three tiers were pistachio white chocolate, marble (chocolate and vanilla swirl) mousse, and lemon vanilla cream.

Ref #: 2020-002

Two-Tiered Pistachio Wedding Cake

A lovely two-tiered wedding cake celebrating another lovely young couple getting married.

Both tiers were made of our top-selling Pistachio White Chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2019011

Two-Tier Strawberry Wedding Cake

A two-tiered wedding cake we made to celebrate the wedding of a lovely couple!

Both tiers comprised Strawberry Shortcake.

Ref #: 2019006

Layered and Textured Wedding Cake

A wedding cake with three different types of textures. The bottom tier was carrot cake, the middle tier was red velvet cake, and the top tier was lemon cake with lemon curd.

Ref: #201785

Irish Wedding Cake, October 2017

Wishing “the luck of the Irish” to this newlywed couple!

The top and bottom of this three-tier caked are raspberry white chocolate, and the middle tier is a delightful Fall-themed flavor combination of pumpkin-spiced cake with green apple mousse — a wonderful suggestion by the bride!

Ref #: 2017070


Indian Wedding Cake, September-October 2017

Celebrating two newlyweds with two of our signature flavors: pistachio white chocolate on the bottom, and blueberry white chocolate on top!

Ref #: 2017069


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