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Calla Lily Cake

Our signature pistachio white chocolate cake, topped with Calla Lillies.

Ref #: 201774

The Troll Cake

A Troll-themed birthday cake!!

The bottom is raspberry white chocolate, and the top is double chocolate

Ref #: 2017073

Twin Brother And Sister Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes for a twin brother and sister.

Mickey: Pistachio White Chocolate Cake

Minnie: Raspberry Mousse Cake

Ref #: 2017072


Baptism Cake, September 2017

A cake celebrating a baptism, made with our signature pistachio white chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2017053

Barnyard Cake

A red velvet barnyard cake with big aprons hanging on left.


Mousse-Filled Anniversary Cake

A two-tier cake we made, to help celebrate a couple’s 43rd anniversary!

The bottom tier was a Strawberry Mousse cake, and the top tier was a Mango Mousse cake.

8-29-16 (1)

Two-tier Fathers Day Cake

Top Tier: our signature Pistachio White Chocolate cake

Bottom Tier: Mango Mousse cake

6-20-16 (8)

Vanilla Bavarian Cream Cake

With a custom design on top!

6-20-16 (3)

Orange Fathers Day Cake

A Father’s Day cake made out of our custom Orange Dreamsicle flavor

6-20-16 (2)

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