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Sugar Free Chocolate Cake

There are few ways you can make the words “chocolate cake” any more enticing… but how about putting “sugar-free” in front of it!

This triple-chocolate cake is made without any sugar!

Ref: #201791

Expecting Mother Baby Shower Cake

A baby shower cake, made with our signature pistachio white chocolate flavor!

Ref: #201781

Easter Cake 2018

Ref: #201779


Marines Eat Crayons Cake

Ever heard the phrase “Marines Eat Crayons?” We think they would enjoy them a bit more if they were in cake form!

We had the pleasure of making this Crayons Cake for an esteemed member of our armed services… thank you for what you do!!

Ref: #201777

Calla Lily Cake

Our signature pistachio white chocolate cake, topped with Calla Lillies.

Ref #: 201774

The Troll Cake

A Troll-themed birthday cake!!

The bottom is raspberry white chocolate, and the top is double chocolate

Ref #: 2017073

Twin Brother And Sister Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Cakes

Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Birthday Cakes for a twin brother and sister.

Mickey: Pistachio White Chocolate Cake

Minnie: Raspberry Mousse Cake

Ref #: 2017072


Baptism Cake, September 2017

A cake celebrating a baptism, made with our signature pistachio white chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2017053

Barnyard Cake

A red velvet barnyard cake with big aprons hanging on left.


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