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TV & Movie Character Cakes

The Incredibles 1st Birthday Cake

A double-chocolate 1st birthday cake themed from “The Incredibles” movie.

Ref #: 2020-018

Baby Shark Birthday Cake

A Baby Shark cake celebrating a 3rd birthday, made with raspberry white chocolate and pistachio dark chocolate

Ref #: 2020-017


Two-Tier Frozen Themed Cake

A two-tier double-chocolate cake themed from the Disney movie “Frozen.”

Ref #: 2020-012

Disney Princess Themed 5th Birthday Cake

Another Disney Princess-themed birthday cake, made with two types of chocolate.

Ref #: 2020-011

Disney Princess Birthday Cake

A Disney Princess-themed strawberry mousse cake for a 4-year old’s birthday.

Ref #: 2020-009


Strawberry Frozen-Themed Birthday Cake

A Frozen-themed Strawberry Shortcake birthday cake for a 5-year old’s birthday!

Ref #: 2020-006

Spider-Man Boy’s Birthday Cake

A Spider-Man Themed Birthday Cake for a 5-year old boy.

The cake was our signature Pistachio White Chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2020-004

Paw Patrol Birthday Cake

A Paw Patrol-themed birthday cake for a four-year old boy!

The bottom tier was pistachio white chocolate, and the top tier was our mocha (coffee + chocolate) mousse

Ref #: 2020-001


Mickey & Minnie Mouse Birthday Cake For Twins

Celebrating the 2nd birthday of a brother-sister pair of twins!

Top tier was strawberry cake, and the bottom tier was pistachio white chocolate!

Ref #: 2019031


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