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Kids’ Birthday Cakes

Elsa From Frozen Dress Cake

A birthday cake for a big fan of Elsa, from Disney’s hit movie “Frozen” !

Elsa’s cake is made with our signature pistachio white chocolate cake.

Ref#: 2020-028

Dinosaurs Birthday Cake

An edible Jurassic Park, made from our Heavenly Chocolate Cake!

Five layers of chocolate! A white chocolate cake, topped with white chocolate mousse, dark chocolate cake, dark chocolate mousse, covered with white chocolate ganache & white chocolate curls.

Ref #: 2017026

Mango-Flavored Mickey Mouse Cake

A Mickey Mouse-themed birthday cake, with our tropical Mango Mousse cake on the inside!

Ref #: 2017009


Mickey Mouse First Birthday Stack Cake

A stacked, two-tiered Mickey Mouse cake for a 1st Birthday

The bottom tier was Marble (vanilla cake with chocolate swirls), and the top tier was our very-popular Blueberry White Chocolate cake.

Ref #: 2017008

Winter Wonderland First Birthday Cake

A perfect birthday cake for someone whose birthday is in the wintertime!

This Winter Wonderland first birthday cake has our renowned Pistachio White Chocolate cake in the bottom tier, and Strawberry Mousse cake in the top tier.

Ref #: 2017005


Hot Wheels Birthday Cake

A Hot Wheels-themed birthday cake for an eight-year-old young man!

The cake is our infamous triple chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2017004


Snow White-Themed First Birthday Cake

A Snow White-themed first birthday cake!

Strawberry Mousse cake in the bottom tier, and Triple Chocolate cake in the top tier.

Ref #: 2017002



Pokemon-Themed Birthday Cake

A Pokémon-themed Pistachio White Chocolate cake, for a five-year old boy

Ref #: 2017001


Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake

Our signature Pistachio White Chocolate cake decorated with a Mickey Mouse theme,

to celebrate a young man’s first birthday!

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