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Birthday Cakes

Xbox Birthday Cake

A birthday cake made for a true XBOX fanatic!

Made with our triple chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019018

Poker Night Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for an 80-years young poker lover!

Made with our most popular pistachio white chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019016

Bollywood Movies Birthday Cake

A birthday cake fit for a true Bollywood film buff!

The cake is flavored with our popular blueberry white chocolate combination.

Ref #: 2019015

Paw Patrol Chocolate Birthday Cakes

Two birthday cakes we made, themed with the famous Paw Patrol television show!

Ref #: 2019014

Unicorn Birthday Cake

A Unicorn-themed cake, made with our strawberry mousse flavor!

Ref #: 2019012

Dark Chocolate Safari Cake

A dark chocolate birthday cake with a Safari theme…

where all the animals are invited to the party!

Ref #: 2019010

Cinco De Mayo Birthday Cake

A Cinco de Mayo-themed cake celebrating a 50th birthday!

The cake was made with one of our signature combinations: blueberry and white chocolate.

Ref #: 2019009

Masked Ball Sweet 16 Cake

An incredible Sweet 16 cake celebrating the birthday of an incredible young lady!

Both tiers of the cake were made with our marble flavor: vanilla with chocolate swirls

Ref #: 2019008

Wonder Woman Cake

A cake celebrating the 50th birthday of a true Wonder Woman!

The cake was made with our “Black and White” chocolate flavor:

dark chocolate cake with white chocolate mousse

Ref #: 2019007

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