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Birthday Cakes

Golf-Themed 40th Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for a chocolate-loving ‘young’ man turning “Fore-Tee” ! (40 years old)

This cake was a true chocolate-lover’s dream: chocolate cake with chocolate mousse!

Ref#: 2020-029

Pink and White 21st Birthday Cake

An elegant two-tier 21st birthday cake,

made with red velvet cake on the bottom tier and strawberry short cake on the top tier

Ref#: 2020-026

Golf-Themed 50th Birthday Cake

A Mango Mousse golf-themed cake for a ‘young’ man hitting the big 5-0 (50th birthday) mark!

Ref #: 2020-025

Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

This Sonic the Hedgehog-themed birthday cake, made for a young man’s birthday, was made with our signature Pistachio White Chocolate flavor combination!

Ref #: 2020-022

Calla Lily Birthday Cake

A Calla Lily-decorated birthday cake celebrating a 40th birthday: chocolate buttercream cake with french buttercream frosting.

Ref #: 2020-015

Chocolate Raspberry Frozen Movie Cake

A Frozen-themed cake celebrating a 4-year old’s birthday, with a double-chocolate top tier and raspberry white chocolate on the bottom tier.

Ref #: 2020-014

Two-Tier 11th Birthday Cake

Pistachio White Chocolate and Mango Mousse two-tier birthday cake for a 11-year old.

Ref #: 2020-013

1st Birthday Castle Cake

A double-chocolate castle cake celebrating a first birthday

Ref #: 2020-010

Heavenly Chocolate Birthday Cake For Teenager

Our heavenly chocolate birthday cake celebrating a 13-year old’s birthday

Ref #: 2020-007

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