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Birthday Cakes

High Heels Birthday Cake

A cake with “designer high heels” for a woman celebrating her 40th (and Fabulous) Birthday!

 The cake was made with our always-popular raspberry white chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019028

Power Rangers 5th Birthday Cake

A Power Rangers cake to celebrate the 5th birthday of a young man!

The bottom tier was marble mousse (vanilla cake with chocolate swirls), and the top tier was pineapple coconut.

Ref #: 2019027

Troll Doll-Themed Two-Tier Cake

A two-tiered cake themed with Troll Dolls, celebrating a baby’s first birthday!

The bottom tier was pistachio white chocolate, and the top tier was mango mousse.

Ref #: 2019026

DJ Themed Birthday Cake

A Cookies and Cream cake to celebrate the birthday of a music-loving Disc Jockey!

Ref #: 2019025

Red Rose Birthday Cake For Mom

A special red velvet birthday cake for mom!

Ref #: 2019020

Little Mermaid 30th Birthday Cake

Some people never grow old… a Little Mermaid made to celebrate a 30th birthday!

Made with our highly popular raspberry white chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019019


Xbox Birthday Cake

A birthday cake made for a true XBOX fanatic!

Made with our triple chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019018

Poker Night Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for an 80-years young poker lover!

Made with our most popular pistachio white chocolate flavor.

Ref #: 2019016

Bollywood Movies Birthday Cake

A birthday cake fit for a true Bollywood film buff!

The cake is flavored with our popular blueberry white chocolate combination.

Ref #: 2019015

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