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Baby Shower Cakes

Raspberry Baby Shower Cake For A Baby Girl

A raspberry white chocolate baby shower cake, for a new baby girl to come!

Ref: #201796

St. Patrick’s Day Baby Shower Cake

A  touch of green for St. Patrick’s Day, and lots of pink for a soon-to-be-arriving baby girl!

Inside is our always-popular Strawberry Mousse cake

Ref: #201793

Elephant-Themed Baby Shower Cake

An elephant-themed baby shower cake, to welcome a new little man into the world!

 Marble cake with chocolate mousse.

Ref #: 2017071


Lamb Theme Baby Shower Cake

Celebrating a new “baby lamb” to come!

The bottom tier was marble (vanilla with chocolate mousse swirls), and the top was our raspberry mousse cake!

Ref #: 2017068


Baby’s First 100 Days Cake

Ref #: 2017058

Two-Tier Baby Shower Cake, July 2017

A baby shower cake comprised of two of our most popular flavors!

The bottom tier was our signature pistachio white chocolate, and the top tier was mango mousse.

Ref #: 2017040

Jungle-Themed Baby Shower Cake

A jungle-themed baby shower cake, with our signature Pistachio White Chocolate flavor!

Ref #: 2017039


Travel-Themed Baby Shower Cake

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles for a Baby Boy to Come!

Made with our best-selling Pistachio White Chocolate cake!

Ref #: 2017028

Baby “Sprinkle” Cakebaby-sprinkle-cake

A baby “sprinkle” cake, made for a couple’s second child — a daughter!

Strawberry cake layered with fresh strawberry mousse, topped with fresh whipped cream and fresh strawberries

Ref #: 2017027

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