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Flowery Sweet 16 Cake

Celebrating a young lady’s 16th birthday with a cake decorated with spring daisies and roses

Ref #: 2021-021

Strawberry Naval Retirement

A strawberry cake for a Naval veteran, celebrating their service to our country!

Ref #: 2021-020

Lemony Birthday Cake

A lemon birthday cake with lemon curd and lemon butter cream icing

Ref #: 2021-19

Sushi-Lovers Birthday Cake

A coconut birthday cake made to look like a sushi roll — how creative!

Ref #: 2021-018

Tiramisu Birthday Cake

A birthday cake made comprised of the classic Italian dessert

Ref #: 2021-017

Drip Chocolate Birthday Cake #2

A drip-style all chocolate birthday cake

Ref #: 2021-016

Sonic The Hedgehog Birthday Cake

A birthday cake for a 13-year old, with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme!

The bottom tier was marble mousse, and the top tier was rainbow sprinkles.

Ref #: 2021-015

Drip Chocolate Birthday Cake

An all-chocolate drip birthday cake

Ref #: 2021-014

Mocha Easter Cake

An Easter-themed mocha (chocolate and coffee-flavored) cake

Ref #: 2021-013

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